Tim DeRuyter Press Conference Transcript

Dec. 14, 2011

FRESNO, Calif. - Transcription of the press conference announcing Tim DeRuyter as the new Fresno State football coach.

Fresno State Director of Athletics Thomas Boeh Introduction

Thank you Paul. And thank you all for being here today. I would like to, as we being, thank the people who helped us in the search. Truly the members of the search committee, athletics staff, quite frankly, Betsy Mosher and Paul Ladwig, again did some amazing things for us. And we of course would like to thank President Welty for his support and for the support of the members of the cabinet. We have Vice President (Syndey Massen) with us here today. And beyond that folks, this is a great, great day for Fresno State football. And for this university we are absolutely thrilled we are announcing and introducing you to Tim DeRuter today.

We were here just a little while ago and folks asked us what it is we were looking for in a new head football coach. We said very clearly, the most important thing is a person of integrity, a person of character, because that is what Fresno State football, that is what Fresno State Athletics and what this university stands for.

Our preferences were a coach that was a Division I-A football coach who had lots of years of college football experience. Also having the opportunity to be in several different programs and see a variety of different settings. Our preference was that we have someone that has roots in the west because obviously, recruiting the state of California and knowing the state of California is terribly important to us. Not only our football program, but in our entire athletic department and university. We were looking for someone who could bring some excitement, some innovation, passion and above all else we were looking for someone that had all of those things and wanted to be here at Fresno State, believes in what can happen here at Fresno State, where this football program can go, has vision that the sky is the limit. We have lots of things to do here. We have some great traditions behind us and we want to build on those great traditions. But we have new traditions ahead of us. And we're looking for the guy that is going to take us there. Has that vision, that passion, that innovation, that commitment to make that happen.



Tim DeRuyter has been on the map for a long time. Been able to watch him at several different institutions. He has made an impact on student-athletes and football programs every stop that he has been at. Extraordinary impact on those programs. I tell you, as we went through the search a little bit, we found ourselves leaning towards defensive coordinators because that's where we have to shore things up a little bit and we knew that. Got to have someone who can come in, shore off our defense and at the same time, bring some excitement to the offense and take advantage of the great players we have. Both on that side of the ball as well as on the defensive side of the ball. So we found what we were looking for. This was a perfect, perfect day. This is a perfect selection for Fresno State at this time. So it is my pleasure and pride and with great, great excitement that I introduce you to the 17th football coach here at Fresno State, Mr. Tim DeRuyter.

Fresno State Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

Wow, what a great day! What a great day in the Valley, and what a great day to be a Bulldog. I could not be more excited about this opportunity to take over the program here at Fresno State. I really look forward to building champions and building on the foundation that has been laid. I want to thank the search committee. Yes, there was a search committee for those of you that maybe thought there wasn't. I interviewed in Dallas on Sunday and was extremely impressed with the professionalism within the committee and this has really been a dream come true. On a serious note I want to thank our president here. Dr. John Welty is very committed to doing the things he wants on and off the field and I am excited to help support where his vision is going as a university and a football program. I want to thank Thomas Boeh. I have a history with Thomas and I know the character and class he runs programs with and I want to thank him for this opportunity. I also would like to thank the search firm for what they have done in this process. I would like to personally thank Coach Mike Sherman from Texas A&M, I had the opportunity to coach with him the last to years and learn from him on how to build champions that have character and integrity. And to learn how to do things at the highest level and to be able to have him as a mentor is invaluable to me. I want to thank my family and express how excited my wife and daughter are to be here and to be a part of this valley. They are extremely excited to be a part of this community and also my son who unfortunately could not be here is excited about having a chance to come here and be a part of this community as well when he has leave from the Air Force Academy.

Where do we go from here? My goal is to build a championship team. We are going to build a team who are going to win over the hearts and minds of this Valley. We want the Red Wave to understand this is their team. This is the Valley's team and we are going to build a program and a team that they will be proud of. The first thing we are going to do is maintain the high level of academic success that was started by Pat Hill.

I apologize I missed that point. Coach Hill has done some tremendous things here and he has really done a great job on laying a foundation in which we can build on. A lot of times when you become a head coach you take over a program that is nowhere near the shape that this program is in. Coach Hill is an icon and will always be an icon here and I thank him for his service and what he has done here in the Valley and for the Fresno State program and we are going to build on that.

We are going to play tough, physical, fundamental football. That Fresno State has traditionally known and we are going to continue down that path. Offensively we are going to spread the field vertically and horizontally and most importantly we are going to play with tempo. We are going to do things on and off the field with tempo and that will be something that will be around on the field and in the weight room we are going to go fast and that will become our trademark. You are going to see things happening at a place that you have not seen in a long, long time. I had a chance to meet with some of the players earlier and they are very excited for the opportunities.

Defensively, we are going to pressure and when we get done with that we are going to pressure, and then we are going to pressure some more. I have been a 3-4 based defense and that is what we are going to do here. We are going to play with passion. A year ago we led the country in sacks and I think with modern football it's easy to throw when there is no pressure on you but we are going to put pressure on everyone. I think it is much more fun to play football that way and much more fun to watch.

Special Teams wise we are going to play our best. We will play our best players because that is where our best players need to be played. We will have difference player makers on special teams because that is where plays are made.

We will be a disciplined team both on and off the field. Coming from Texas A&M and the Air Force Academy, I know that that is the difference and that is the winning edge with games when it comes down to the stretch. Our number one goal is to win conference championships and that will be a known goal to the players. Our number one goal all year long will be to win the Mountain West Conference and they will know it. There will not be a goal that will supersede that. We will aggressively recruit the Valley. California has tons of talent here but we will own from Bakersfield to Sacramento. This 99 cooer door will be Bulldog country. I will hire a staff that has connections here and they will know that we will leave no stone unturned to get the best and brightest to come here and play in front of their family and friends. That's where we are going to get the hearts and minds back behind this football program.

Finally we are going to honor and recognize the Bulldog history that has been built here. Coach Sweeney, Coach Hill, and the guys that played for them need to know I want them part of this. I want them around this program and I will reach out to them in a number of different ways and make sure they feel welcome in and around this program. I know I wasn't the glamour pick the media hoped for but I can't worry about those things. I know where that winning edge is and how to put it together. In my 22 seasons as an assistant coach including 16 as a coordinator, and being a part of active duty in the Air Force has prepared me for this opportunity right now. I can't tell you how excited I am to be your coach and to coach the Bulldogs.

Staffing, I have some people in mind already and I have a couple of guys that will be coming on board shortly but I think it's only fair to talk to the current staff. They have done some great things here and I am going to talk to them shortly, later today and talk with them about if they would be great fits to continue on with our staff and continue with where I see our program needing to go. Let me wrap it up by saying this; we are going into 2012 with some strong goals. We will build champions on and off the field, we are going to win the Mountain West Conference and bowl games, we are going to have the highest academic achievement and our plan is to graduate with 100% of our football players in our football program. We are going to capture the hearts of the Valley and make this the Valley's team. We are going to win every day and create champions who do things in life with great character, class, and integrity. Those are going to be terms you hear a lot. We are going to develop championship fathers and husbands that the Valley is going to be proud of. To quote the great coach Jim Sweeney, "we are Bulldog born and we are Bulldog bred. And I'm going to be a Bulldog til the day I'm dead." Go 'Dogs!

On Dream Job
Having grown up in southern California and seeing what coach Sweeney and coach Hill did with this program I know what this potential is for this program. Being a head coach is a huge factor in it but being here in Fresno and seeing the potential in it and realizing that we have the ability to take that next step and win championships.

On Attraction to This Job
A couple of reasons, starting with the leadership from the top, I have a relationship with Thomas Boeh and I know what he was able to accomplish at a high University when I was there in the past. And I have been able to follow and see the things that he can do. You come and look at the history and tradition of this program and where it is situated from a recruiting stand point where you can recruit championship players with a three hour drive north and south of here. I don't see anybody in our league that has that type of advantage.

On Coaching Texas A&M at the Bowl Game
I made a commitment to be interim head coach at Texas A&M and for our bowl game. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for our players there and to me it's the right thing to do. I will coach that football game and as soon as that is over I will be right here hard charging and get this thing going to the right way.

On Bringing Bulldog Football Back
I think that statement means there is a great means of tradition here. You look at what coaches in the past have done and we have raised the standard here. Coach Hill raised the standard here and so did coach Sweeney. When that dips there is a hunger to get back there and I look at that as a tremendous challenge as a coach and a tremendous challenge that we are going to put in front of our team to get back to where we need to be, to where we can win championships on a continual basis. I have no doubt in my mind that we will get that done and I will have coaches on this staff that that will be their singular drive.

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