Crazy Monkey Travels with Moult
Crazy Monkey and junior Rosie Moult headed to Texas and Las Vegas for their final non-conference road trip of the season.
Crazy Monkey and junior Rosie Moult headed to Texas and Las Vegas for their final non-conference road trip of the season.

Jan. 25, 2012

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FRESNO, Calif. - Crazy Monkey spent time with Preseason All-WAC selection Rosie Moult. CM and Moult headed to Texas and Las Vegas with the Bulldogs. The `Dogs faced UT-Arlington and UNLV.

Monday, January 2
Today was a long day for Crazy monkey and I. We awoke at 4.30am and left for the airport at 5.15am. Our flight to Dallas, TX departed at 7am and luckily we both slept the majority of the way.

On arriving in Texas we ate a delicious lunch once we left the airport before setting off to the hotel. Once at the hotel we were able to relax a little bit before heading to practice at UT Arlington. The basketball stadium was very interesting and Crazy Monkey rather liked the feeling of being on stage.

For dinner we ate at a restaurant where you got to create your own stir fry. This place was a hit with all the girls, however, crazy monkey wasn't too hungry, so just had a banana.

Tuesday, January 3
Today was an exciting day for Crazy monkey and all the team. It was finally game day! Having felt as though the team hadn't played in ages, everyone was eager to play. We had our usual game day routine of shoot around, pregame meal and then the game. Unfortunately I was unable to play due to my head injury, so CM sat and cheered with me on the bench. The girls managed a good 30 point win, and CM was very proud of the girls efforts!!

Wednesday, January 4
This was an exciting day full of firsts. We checked out of our hotel , then got to see the Texas Rangers Ballpark, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and then catch a flight to Las Vegas. CM had never seen the ball park or stadium so he had a lot of fun. He was also very excited to be going to Vegas as this was his first time!

After checking into our hotel, we headed off for practice at UNLV. Once practice had finished we went to dinner and had one of CM's favorite meals, nachos and watched some interesting live entertainment. CM was very tired after such a long day so he went back to his hotel to have a sleep.

Thursday, January 5
Today was lots of fun as we had free time until practice at 4.30. In the morning CM and I went and had brunch with Bree Farley. We all shared bacon and eggs and a nutella crepe. It was absolutely delicious! After brunch we looked in the Lolly section of a candy store and that was great fun. There were so many different lollies and chocolates to choose from!

We then met with Veronica and David and looked around at some other hotels. There were lots of cool shops to look at and some interesting entertainment. We saw the Rainstorm which was cool, however, we were all a little confused as to the point of it. After looking around for a while, we had a small lunch and then headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before practice.

The girls practiced hard before setting off to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Afterwards we were able to look the around the strip. CM and I joined Veronica Wilson, Raven Fox, Bree Farley, Alex Sheedy and Robin Draper and went to get gelato. CM and I shared a delicious Italian thick hot chocolate. We then headed to watch the water fountain show. We watched the show twice and had a lot of fun. Then it was off to bed to get a good rest for the game.

Friday, January 6
Today was game day so we followed our usual game day routine of shoot around, and pregame meal. CM was happy to see that we had some family members in the crowd along with some regular Fresno supporters.

Unfortunately, the game didn't end the way that we would have liked and CM was very sad, though proud of the girls effort.

After the game CM, Jeanna, Bree, and I went and had pizza then wandered through the hotel. Once again we found ourselves at the candy store. CM and I had a really nice gelato, meringue, and some lollies. We then headed back to our hotel. CM was a little sad that it was his last night in Vegas as he had a lot of fun looking around at all the interesting hotels and sites that Vegas has to offer.

Saturday, January 7
Today we woke and had breakfast, then departed the hotel for the airport. We had to hurry a little , we had managed to get the times wrong for a flight, but luckily we made it ok. We had a layover in LA. While at the airport we also met an interesting man, who made balloon animals, that was kind enough to make a bulldog balloon hat for Coach Wiggins. CM loved the hat so much that he got a picture with Coach Wiggins.

We arrived in Fresno and CM came back with Bree and myself to our apartment. We were all very tired so we lay down on the couch to watch some television. CM, Bree and I made dinner and then had a quiet night in.

Sunday, January 8
Today was a very chill day as we had no practice. CM came with me to the training room to get some treatment. Afterwards we rode home and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner CM had an early night as he needs as much rest as possible for his next exciting stay with Rachel Pecota.

"We Are Your Team!" The Bulldogs return to the Save Mart Center on Jan. 26 hosting San Jose State at 7 p.m. PT. Listen to all the action LIVE with Guy Haberman on ESPN2 790 AM. For more information on tickets call 278-DOGS.



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