Crazy Monkey Kicks It With Pecota
Crazy Monkey opened conference play hanging with Rachael Pecota in Fresno, Calif.
Crazy Monkey opened conference play hanging with Rachael Pecota in Fresno, Calif.

Feb. 4, 2012

FRESNO, Calif. - Crazy Monkey spent the first week of Western Athletic Conference play at home in Fresno, Calif. With Rachael Pecota.

Monday Jan 9
I received crazy monkey today at practice and we hit it off right away. We took a nice stroll after practice from the Save Mart Center to my apartment. When we got to my apartment I introduced Crazy Monkey to my two puppies, Taco and Belle. Crazy Monkey got a little excited and tired out and told me he wanted to take a nap for the rest of the day, so he did.

Tuesday Jan 10
Today was a little bit uneventful for me and crazy monkey. We again took a nice stroll over to The Save Mart Center for practice at around 10 a.m. and Crazy Monkey later told me that he enjoyed watching our practice. He also told me that he secretly wishes he could be a college basketball player, but due to his lack of athletic skills he was unable to make his high school team. (Yes crazy monkey went to high school).

After practice Crazy Monkey and I enjoyed a nice meal and another walk back to my apartment. When we got to my apartment, Crazy Monkey told me he was tired, but Taco and Belle decided to keep him up and play with him for a few hours. After they were done playing, I gave all 3 of them a banana and they fell asleep. Crazy Monkey slept most of the night to get ready for the next day which was game day vs. Seattle!

Wednesday Jan 11
Today is game day and Crazy Monkey is ecstatic! He heard a lot of things about Seattle and he is excited to see us take them on!!!

We won the game and Crazy Monkey could not contain himself during the game. He was probably the loudest fan in the gym, for sure. After the game, we enjoyed a nice post game meal which included turkey and mashed potatoes. When we got home crazy monkey again fell asleep instantly.

Thursday Jan 12
Today Crazy Monkey and I slept in because we got the day off! We lounged around the house and watched Spongebob for a few hours. He told me that is his new favorite show and told me that he wished he could meet Spongebob. I quickly tried to explain to CM that Spongebob was not real and not to get disappointed. CM was upset but he understood. He insisted that we watched Spongebob for a few more hours so we did. After watching Spongebob, I introduced CM to a few other athletes here at Fresno State and they got along very well. After meeting some of my friends Crazy Monkey was hungry so I fed him some bananas and chocolate milk. He was satisfied.



Friday Jan 13
Friday the 13th! Today CM and I went to practice, as usual, and he watched us practice. Coach Wiggins explained the meaning behind Friday the 13th and it frightened CM. I explained it was not a scary thing because my number is 13 so it can't be too bad! After practice we walked home and we watched the infamous Friday movies, in honor of the "holiday". CM was really scared but he had a good time. We relaxed much of the day because the next day was game day and he wanted to have a good rest!

Saturday Jan 14
Game day!!!! However, it is not just any game day. It is the conference opener vs. Nevada. CM is extremely excited!

We won!!!!! The game was really exciting and CM looked like he was really enjoying himself. He said he was really excited for the rest of the season and he really enjoyed his time with me, but that he was sick of me and could not wait to hang out with another teammate for a week! Although I was upset, I understood that I could not keep him to myself so I hesitantly handed him over to my teammate Raven Fox!

"We Are Your Team!" The Bulldogs hit the road again to face New Mexico State on Feb. 2 at 5:30 p.m. PT. Listen to all the action LIVE with Guy Haberman on ESPN2 790 AM. For more information on tickets call 278-DOGS.

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