Memories Are Made of This...
Blakely Goldberg and Veronica Wilson have guided the 'Dogs to a 49-13 record over the past two seasons.
Blakely Goldberg and Veronica Wilson have guided the 'Dogs to a 49-13 record over the past two seasons.

March 3, 2012

By Brienne Doan

FRESNO, Calif. - When you step onto the court to play your first game as a collegiate athlete ever, you would think it would be something you would remember forever.

But, what you really remember is the moment itself. The crowd, the fans, the environment, and most of all you remember the butterflies that caused that pit feeling in your stomach.

Seniors Blakely Goldberg and Veronica Wilson are both transfer students who have made an impact since the day they arrived. When they were asked to describe their first game playing in the Save Mart Center they both had similar answers.

"I was really nervous, ridiculously nervous," Goldberg said.

"I do not remember it; I know it was a home game. But, I do remember running out of the tunnel and just thinking, `Alright, my second chance has finally started,'" Wilson said.

Goldberg and Wilson look back on their time here at Fresno State and recall memories both on and off the court that they will remember forever.

"Off the court was probably our trip to New York, we were right in Times Square at The W," Goldberg said. "On the court is probably with Alex Furr. She and I didn't get to play very much last year and so when we would get in we would just laugh, we were competing, but would have a good time. We would just leave it all out on the court, being aggressive; it was just fun."

"Beating Oklahoma, just because when Rosie [Moult] and I were running at each other we had our hands up and we looked at each other we were like, `Nope, we're not going to high-five,' and we ended up hugging each other and walked away from each other," Wilson said. "We talk about that a lot because Rosie can't really high-five when she's excited. I know it's not game-related, but that's what the team revolves around it's not really the games. Coach always tells us it's not what you're going to remember when you're gone about the games, you're going to remember the memories you made with each other."



With some big games still left this season the seniors have the opportunity to accumulate many more memories that may end up topping them all.

Goldberg has proven herself this year as a true starter scoring a career-high 22 points against Santa Clara. While Wilson provides energy and spark being the first off the bench with a career high 18 points against Nevada.

"This whole season has been really fun with all of the girls and with all the competition we've played. It's been one amazing senior year. I don't think anybody could ask for a better senior season," Wilson said.

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