Q&A With New Women's Basketball Coach Jaime White
Jaime White has become the 10th head coach in the history of the women's basketball program
Jaime White has become the 10th head coach in the history of the women's basketball program

April 18, 2014

FRESNO, Calif. - Now that the initial hiring process is over, new Fresno State women's basketball coach Jaime White can begin the process of settling in and getting organized as she takes over the Bulldog program.

Get to know a little bit about Fresno State's new women's basketball coach with this Q&A.

Q: What attracted you to Fresno State?
JW: "Being back in the Mountain West was something that I was excited about. Also I like California, can't go wrong there. I was born in Lancaster, Calif. and both of my parents were raised there. I've been in this area quite a bit, we've always recruited here and it just seemed like a nice transition from where we were at in Colorado."

Q: What are the values of your program at Northern Colorado and what you'll have here?
JW: "At Northern Colorado we really worked to have everything have meaning and we talk about building championships. Building championships in the classroom, on the court and in life and we really stuck to that to build a great culture at Northern Colorado and I plan on doing that here. They've had great tradition here and I really believe what we've done at Northern Colorado we can bring here and really make it better."

Q: What does a Jaime White coached team look like?
JW: "Disciplined, they are hard workers, they also put in a lot of extra time, not only on the court or in the weight room, but in the community. [The student-athletes] are great people to be around and want to be successful in their lives."

Q: You've got the job, now what process do you go through as you get started?
JW: "It's kind of a recruiting period. We need to touch base with the team and see where everybody is at as far as making sure people are getting into their workouts and just kind of get organized that way. We're going to go out into a recruiting period right now, we can bring juniors on campus and it's going to get going sooner than we know it. I think it's just important to be organized and have a plan set in place, not only for our players here, but hopefully for the players that are interested in Fresno State."



Q: Talk about your history in the Mountain West and some of your mentors along the way...
JW: "I'm so honored to have worked with a Hall of Famer Elaine Elliott at Utah. When I was a junior college coach she hired me and Utah was always the school to be at when you were in Utah. It was nice to be able to see how a championship team works. All of her hard work and effort that she put into that team, she's had a great history and I was very lucky and honored by that opportunity. From there I went to Wyoming with Joe Legerski, who was her assistant and there we kind of had to rebuild a team. We saw Wyoming go from I think it was 11 season ticket holders to 1,000 in the three years that I was there. I think the most important thing is that I am familiar with the teams we play, the Colorado State's, the Wyoming's, Air Force, San Diego State and the tradition that they've had. It's just nice to be a part of that and to know you have that expectancy of excellence around you."

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