Q & A with Head Coach Raegan Pebley
Head women's basketball coach Raegan Pebley talks about becoming the a Bulldog and offseason work outs.
Head women's basketball coach Raegan Pebley talks about becoming the a Bulldog and offseason work outs.

June 7, 2012

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno State Head women's basketball coach Raegan Pebley has settled into her new role with the Bulldogs. Pebley sat down with GoBulldogs.com to talk about life as a Bulldog and about individual work.

GoBulldogs.com: What has life been like since becoming a Bulldog?

Raegan Pebely: Since becoming a Bulldog I have been busier than a one armed coat hanger! Transitioning to a new school and moving a family across state lines will do that. My obsession with my iPhone has transitioned into a full-on addiction. I don't know where I would be without it honestly.

GB: What was the first thing that you did as the new head women's basketball coach?

RP: The number one priority was getting to know the women that make up Fresno State Women's Basketball. It is important to spend time with them as a group and as individuals. Meanwhile, I felt it was also important to begin to get to know the people that support our program behind the scenes. These people of course include our student-athlete academic advisor, Robert Pagesmith, our strength coach, Andy Bennett, our trainer Kelli Eberlein, our sports information director, Theresa Kurtz as well as our Hoop Club Board. There are so many people that are committed completely in helping this team more than just a team...it is a program. Relationships and trust with them is vital.

GB: What has been your main focus since being hired?

RP: Hiring a staff is a big focus. You have a vision of what you need out of a staff and we feel that we hit the nail on the head with Ron, Hanna and Danny. I am confident that this staff all shares the same knowledge of where Fresno State Women's Basketball has been and share the same vision of where we are going.

GB: How were individual workouts?

RP: Coaches always wish we had more time with our players in the offseason. We are allowed to work with our student-athletes for two hours per week in the offseason in on-court, skill-related individual instruction. I have always believed that basketball is a game of habits; and habits are created daily. It hardly seems possible that you can build positive habits in just two hours per week. We made the most of our two hours though and I loved the effort. There was a strong focus on reading closeouts, the fundamentals of drawing contact and finishing at the basket, as well as off-ball movement.



GB: After spring practices, what becomes the priority for the team the rest of the semester and into the summer?

RP: Most of us have heard the statement that championships are made in the offseason. We don't believe this to be cliché. They truly are! Summer is where you either gain or lose. You can gain physical strength or lose it. You can gain better confidence on your weaknesses or lose confidence in your strengths. You can gain better team chemistry or lose out on that opportunity. You can gain influence on your team or lose the ability to lead. Leaders are made in the summer. Your leaders are the ones that influence your team to get into the weight room, go hard in pick-up games, get meaningful reps while shooting and invest in team chemistry.

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