Alex Sheedy Blog: Getting Ready for the Season
Water photo shoot
Water photo shoot

Oct. 22, 2013

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno State women's basketball player Alex Sheedy is keeping a season-long blog on the team and their experiences both on and off the court. Here is her first entry of the 2013-14 season.

Hey Bulldog Fans,

So, because of the overwhelming support of my China travel journal (thank-you!), I have decided, along with our media guru Jason, and the coaches, that I would continue to write for you all during the season. How exciting! I hope you all like what I'm writing and don't get too bored with me. If you do, please let me know! I'll be writing probably every three or so weeks, so fairly regularly and updating everyone on what's been going on with the team in an outside of basketball, my experience as a junior and anything else that I can think of.

So, I guess this is my first blog for the year... Here it goes...

I had a pretty great summer holiday. It was nice to give my body a rest and go home and see all my friends and family. I spent a lot of time out of my house, catching up with friends and shopping with the little money I had. Australia is so much more expensive than America. I was involved with the local football and netball club at home, so I was spending my Saturday mornings and afternoons freezing my tail off because it was the middle of winter, but it was really great fun and I made a lot of new friends.

I went to China for two weeks to compete for Australia in three tournaments, which was pretty awesome. I had a great time experiencing a completely alien culture - it had its ups and downs, but overall I am happy I had that experience.

When I arrived back in Fresno I was so happy to be here. I really missed my team over summer; it was really strange to be apart from them. I bought a new bike, which was stolen in three days - thank you Fresno. But then I bought another one, and her name is Daphne. She is yellow and bright and happy, just like I try to be.



Jacinta Vandenberg, Bree Farley and I decided to go on a camping road trip before all our practice and preseason started. It was the most hilarious and fun few days. Bree bought a car, so luckily we had our own transportation. We drove down to Pismo and stayed there overnight. We were so sunburnt; I literally looked like a lobster - forgetting the sunscreen was a bad idea. The next day was sort of an adventure. We drove from Pismo to Avila Beach, but it was really foggy. All we did was walk around and swing on a swing set on the beach. On the way out, we stopped on at a petting farm place that I can't remember the name of. It was pretty cool, there were a lot of tourists there. Then we drove on to Morro Bay, where we went kayaking. It was so awesome, we had a lot of fun except the seals freaked Jay out a bit and our arms were pretty sore from all the rowing. We stayed the night in San Simeon and then the next day after driving up and down the coast we headed back to Fresno because Bree and I needed to be at a photo shoot for the basketball program. Hopefully the pictures will come out soon, they are the water photos. They looked pretty cool; lucky the water cooled us down a lot since we took them outside. And that was basically a run down of my summer, before we headed into lots of running for preseason.

There is only two weeks of practice left before our first game, the exhibition game against Notre Dame De Namur. It's getting so close, and everyone is getting excited and a little nervous (well, I am at least). It's going to be the start of a long, challenging, but hopefully very rewarding year. We worked really hard as a team over preseason, and our practices at the moment are showing that.

There is a lot of learning going on, because we have so many new players. It can be frustrating at times, but that's the nature of the game and it's a maturing and learning process for everyone. We have such a great group of newcomers, they are all willing to learn and work hard, and there are some tall people! Which means you will all hopefully be seeing me out on the perimeter a lot more this year. It goes without saying that I am especially excited to escape the paint.

The other week we had our ice-cream social, which was a great success. It was held in the Smittcamp building on campus and we had a great turnout. It was really heartening to see that we have such an amazing fan base, thank you to everyone that came and ate all the ice cream so I couldn't eat it myself. (I might have snuck a bowl in - don't tell anyone).

As a team, we were assigned to fan who we needed to get to know so that they could introduce us, and we introduce them. I was paired with Sue Castro, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. For those of you who don't know, Sue and her husband own SueCo, a construction company in Visalia. She was such an amazing person to talk to, so intelligent and absolutely hilarious. I'm so happy I was able to meet and connect with her.

I also want to say a big thank you to those who were ill but still made it out to the social, that just goes to show where we get our toughness on the court from - it's all because of the fans. (You know who you are!)

So what else... Well, I should mention that our team this year has attended every single home volleyball game, and even one in LA. I think it's safe to say, slightly obsessed. But we love the volleyball team, they are really great girls and for those of you who love Aussies - go see a game and cheer for Jaimee-Lee Morrow, she is also from Australia. Fun fact - we played our respective sports at the same stadium for years and had no idea!

I just had a great idea! If anyone wants anything in particular to be addressed from me in these blogs, or wants to me to write more about any particular subject, feel free to send an email through to Jason (

Well, I hope you liked the first of many installments for the year.

Write to you later,


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