Crazy Monkey's Fresno Adventure
Crazy Monkey spent finals week with freshman Robin Draper and got a new look.
Crazy Monkey spent finals week with freshman Robin Draper and got a new look.

Dec. 25, 2011

FRESNO, Calif. - In Crazy Monkey's latest adventure, he hung out with freshman Robin Draper during finals week. He watched a few home games and spent some quality time with Draper and her family, who live in Fresno.

Sunday, December 11
After a great win over Cal State Northridge, CM and the team packed up and headed back to Fresno where I was pleasantly surprised to find that CM would be staying with me for the next week! Lucky for CM, he got to study with me on the bus the whole time because I had two finals the next day! I could tell CM wasn't too interested in what I was doing so he ended up sightseeing California until it got too dark to see. Before we got to Fresno, Alex Furr entertained CM by making a rap about everyone on the bus. He really enjoyed that! When we arrived in Fresno, I showed CM my dorm room and he was nice enough to stay up with me to finish studying, how exciting!

Monday, December 12
Day off. Even though we had no practice it was still a very busy day for CM. It was chilly this morning riding with CM on my long board as he accompanied me to my first final at 8:45 am, which was my anthropology class. He was happy to see that it was short so that we could go back and take a nice nap! When we woke up CM wanted to see Kelli, our trainer, and see her give me some treatment from our long week of basketball. Then, CM got to see the academic center where I studied hard for my next final that day at 3:30. After a very long math final, CM came with Alex Furr and me to Panera for a nice dinner.

Tuesday, December 13
CM and I woke up to go to another final, this time for my English class. CM got to join me for breakfast at the RDH after my final and then we packed up to head to practice. CM came to practice fashioning a pretty white bow, but unfortunately coach Frank took it away and told me he couldn't wear it. I wasn't worried because I had a new style in mind! After practice, we had weights so CM and me went on a nice journey from SMC to the weight room riding along side Rosie Moult and Bree Farley. After weights, CM got to meet my family when I packed up my dorm to start the winter break at home. Tonight was a special night because CM got to walk Christmas Tree Lane with my family and me, where he got to experience a little bit of Christmas spirit with all lights and decorations.



Wednesday, December 14
After a good night's sleep, CM and I headed straight to practice at 11. CM was really excited to show off his new gear to coach Frank, where coach Frank approved of his new headband, sweatband, necklace, and basketball. Before practice got started, CM got to see the relief of most of the players to see that the last day of finals was tomorrow! After practice, CM and me went home and watched movies with my family, getting rested up for the game the next day!

Thursday, December 15
CM enjoyed another long sleep in just to wake up to head to shoot around at 2. Before that though, CM got to check out of the dorms with me because that was the last day of school for the semester! After shoot around, we had our pre-game meal and then CM and me were headed home to take a quick nap before the game. Getting to the game early was what CM wanted because he loves to see the behind the scenes action before the game. He was really excited for the game to start against CSU Bakersfield because fellow teammates Rachael Pecota and Ta'Nitra Byrd got him pumped up! After watching another great victory, CM, Ki-Ki Moore, and me went to get some ice cream to celebrate the win.

Friday, December 16
CM and me woke up and headed to practice at 12 pm. CM was cheering all practice because he was really excited from the win the night before. After practice, we had abs and stretching with our strength coach Andy. Then, CM and me went home to get ready to go Christmas gift shopping at Fashion Fair Mall. CM was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of people there, but he felt the Christmas spirit! Then after dinner with my family, CM came with me to my friend's house to make cookies and watch a movie, once again, resting up for another game tomorrow!

Saturday, December 17
All rested up, CM and me head over to shoot around at 9 am, then over to our fabulous pre-game meal. After heading home to get prepared to beat the Tigers of UOP, we get into the locker room at SMC ready to fight for another win! CM got to enjoy this game by sitting next to our practice player Mike. With the huge support of our fans and CM, especially, we pull out another win to make it 10-3 for this season! After the game, CM and me headed home to get ready for the boys game at 7 pm. Joining us to this game was Alex Sheedy. We also met up with Ta'Nitra Byrd and Rachael Pecota, where we all enjoyed a huge Fresno State made ice cream cone! After watching a hard loss, Sheedy, CM, and me went out to eat at Chipotle, then enjoyed another great night's sleep.

Sunday, December 18
Day off. In the midst of the Christmas season, CM joined me in coming to church with me at 11 this morning. CM was lucky enough to meet my aunt and uncle at church and they were really excited to meet the famous Crazy Monkey! When I got home, CM and me took a walk with my dogs around the block then came back to help my mom clean the house. Though not an exciting day, CM still enjoyed having some relaxation. We finished the night watching a movie with my sister and her boyfriend.

Monday, December 19
Spending my last full day with CM was great! We started off the day going to practice at 10 am then went onto to weights with Andy right after. CM joined me in seeing my dorm room for the last time until next year, while also meeting my roommate for the first time. After that we came home and enjoyed some more relaxation and he helped me write this article about our awesome week together! We ended the night listening to the men's team play against Boise State and making brownies with my friends from high school. CM really got a taste of Fresno by hanging out with me and my family and friends!

Tuesday December 20
My last morning with CM and he spent it watching us have an early hard practice in North Gym at 8:30 am. Since our next game is at UC Riverside on Wednesday night, we had to leave early today at 10:30 am to make it there without traffic. CM couldn't be more excited to spend Christmas with Aunty Blakely!

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