'Dogs Pick Up Five MVPs On Day One
Sophomore Lauren Crivelli earned two MVP honors and picked up three wins on day one of Best in the West.
Sophomore Lauren Crivelli earned two MVP honors and picked up three wins on day one of Best in the West.

By Kelly Mason

Feb. 18, 2012

FRESNO, Calif. - Day one of the sixth annual Best in the West tournament was a great day for Fresno State who picked up five MVP honors and defeated TCU (9-7) in the head to head matchup. The Bulldogs competed in Equitation over Fences and Reining against UTM ending day one in a tie (4-4).

In Equitation on the Flat freshman Macy Wilson earned an MVP honor with a day one high score of 85. Senior Nicole Roworth (79) and Lanie Madrazo (73) also picked up wins bringing the Bulldogs to a 3-1 victory in that event. TCU swept Equitation over Fences, taking the event and the MVP honor with Demi Stiegler.

The Horsemanship was a great win for the 'Dogs earning a 3-1 victory over TCU. Fresno State was lead by MVP Lauren Crivelli (76.5), senior Sammie Jo Stone (74) and senior Allie Warkentin (71). In Reining Ciara Kozlowski (72.5) earned the MVP and Lauren Crivelli (71.5) and Sydney Coletti (69.5) each picked up wins. The 'Dogs defeated the Horned Frogs 3-1 in that event.

Fresno State also competed in Equitation over Fences and Reining against UTM on day one. In the Fences event, senior Holly Elsbernd (85) earned the MVP tying the day one high score. Bulldogs Kara Spicer (81) and Hillary West (75) each picked up a win, respectively.



In Reining, sophomore Lauren Crivelli (70) earned her second MVP honor and her third win of the day. She was the only Bulldog to earn a point in this event as they fell to UTM, 3-1.

Day one of Best in the West was also senior day, where the Fresno State equestrian team honored nine seniors from their program. The crowd, which surpassed 100 people, cheered for each senior as they were individually announced. The seniors greeted their coaches, where they received a beautiful rose, then they stood at the center of the arena with family and friends. The seniors honored were Tylinda Arthur, Carolyn Carter, Holly Elsbernd, Allison Mackey, Shawna McClurg, Nicole Roworth, Kimberly Steinbuch, Sammie Jo Stone and Allie Warkentin.

Day two of Best in the West will continue Sunday morning at 9 a.m. Fresno State will be competing against UTM in Equitation on the Flat and Horsemanship and TCU will face UTM in all four events as they go head to head. The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the tournament tomorrow and will claim the name "Best in the West."

Results of Day 1 Fresno State vs. TCU
Equitation on the Flat: FS 3, TCU 1

MVP: Macy Wilson (85)
Nicole Roworth (79) defeated Kaitlin Perry (71)
Haley Jacobbi (80) defeated Kimberly Steinbuch (75)
Lanie Madrazo (73) defeated Calli Selchau (70)
Macy Wilson (85) defeated Demi Stiegler (79)

Equitation Over Fences: TCU 4, FS 0
MVP: Demi Stielger
Kaitlin Perry (41) defeated Dayle Fischer (35)
Haley Jacobbi (77) defeated Holly Elsbernd (70)
Alicia Turner (64) defeated Kimberly HewsonBudnik (25)
Demi Stiegler (82) defeated Hillary West (68)

Horsemanship: FS 3, TCU 1
MVP: Lauren Crivelli
Alexie Estrada (74) defeated Kirsten McKillop (71)
Sammie Jo Stone (74) defeated Samanth Bayer (73.5)
Lauren Crivelli (76.5) defeated Taylor Prince (73)
Allie Warkentin (71) defeated Courtney Chown (70)

Reining: FS 3, TCU 1
MVP: Ciara Kozlowski
Ciara Kozlowski (72.5) defeated Alexi Child (72)
Lauren Crivelli (71.5) defeated Colby Simonson (68.5)
Sydney Coletti (69.5) defeated Katie Grey (59)
Samantha Bayer (68) defeated Christa Beezley (0)

Total: FS 9, TCU 7

Fresno State vs. UTM

Equitation Over Fences: FS 3, UTM 1
MVP: Holly Elsbernd
Kara Spicer (81) defeated Katie Miranda (80)
Hillary West (75) defeated Caroline Cramer (71)
Hunter Ralston (84) defeated Belle Calkin (76)
Holly Elsbernd (85) defeated Kara Bergenty (73)

Reining: UTM 3, FS 1
MVP: Lauren Crivelli
Kathryn Gorsuch (67) defeated Shawna McClurg (65.5)
Michelle Chulock (66.5) defeated Amanda Lawrence (65.5)
Lauren Crivelli (70) defeated Carly Lamb (69.5)
Candice Fulcher (68.5) defeated Ciara Kozlowski (68)

"We Are Your Team!" - Day two of Best in the West starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Fresno State Student Horse Center.

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