Dogs Deliver at Best in the West
Freshman Dayle Fischer earned her first MVP honors in Equitation Over Fences.
Freshman Dayle Fischer earned her first MVP honors in Equitation Over Fences.

Feb. 26, 2011

FRESNO, Calif. - The Bulldogs are hosting their fifth annual Best in the West tournament this weekend at the Fresno State Student Horse Center. At the end of the first day of competition the No. 9 Bulldogs defeated the No. 5 Horned Frogs 6-5, No. 8 Baylor defeated the Dogs 9-4 and No. 6 University of South Carolina defeated TCU 9-3.

The Tournament was run with all three head to head matches competing at the same time, so there was lots of excitement at the Student Horse Center. Equitation Over Fences, Equitation on the Flat, and Horsemanship were all held outdoors in the team's double arena. The reining took place indoors at the Pavilion.

Freshman Dayle Fischer earned her first MVP honors in Equitation Over Fences against TCU with a score of 78. Senior Holly Elsbernd rode for two wins today against both TCU and Baylor with high scores of 77 and 80 in Equitation Over Fences.

Freshman Sonya Koch also rode for two wins in the Reining event with scores of 63.5 and 69.5.

Fresno State vs. Baylor

Equitation on the Flat

Lanie Madrazo (71) fell to Taylor Brown (80)

Lauren Carr (73) fell to Lisa Goldman (91) *

Caitlin Marshall (67) fell to Kara Fergusson (70)

Equitation Over Fences

Holly Elsbernd (80) defeated Lisa Goldman (78)

Hillary West (72) fell to Kara Fergusson (82)*

Nicole Roworth (42) fell to Taylor Brown (67)


Christa Beezley (73) fell to Megan Murphy (74.5)*



Madison Silver (66) fell to Chelsea Retmeir (72)

Sammie Jo Stone (73.5) defeated Ashley Garza (67.5)


Shawna McClurg (66) fell to Amber Mooney (72.5)*

Whitney Kittle (68.5) fell to Olivia Rogers (72.5)

Sonya Koch (69.5) defeated Katie Buss (66)

Fresno State vs. TCU

Equitation on the Flat

Nicole Roworth (69) fell to Jessica Hagen (83)*

Jessica Kissell (0) tied Haley Jacobi (0)

Marisa Mohn (61) fell to Tassie Munroe (68)

Equitation Over Fences

* Dayle Fischer (78) defeated Victoria Lee (76)

Holly Elsbernd (77) defeated Callie Selcahau(62)

Jessica Kissell (67) defeated Taylor Fredrick (58)


Sammie Jo Stone (67) fell to Courtney Chown(72.5)*

Madison Silver (71.5) defeated Kelsey Huffman (65.5)

Shauna Woodward (67) fell to Ashley Aikman (71.5)


Sonya Koch (63.5) defeated Kelly Morris (63)

Jill Tebbe (66) defeated Kolby Simonson (63)

Sydney Coletti (64.5) fell to Kelsey Huffman (67)*

The sliding and jumping continues tomorrow at the Student Horse center. Equitation Over Fences will go first at 9:00 a.m. followed by Horsemanship and Equitation on the Flat and then Reining.

"We Are Your Team!" The annual Best in the West Tournament will take place at the Student Horse Center on February 26 and 27. Mark it on your calendar and come see your Bulldog equestrian team in action! Admission is FREE!

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