'Dogs Tie In Tennessee
Sophomore Macy Wilson won her point in Equitation on the Flat with the score of 161.
Sophomore Macy Wilson won her point in Equitation on the Flat with the score of 161.

March 22, 2013

By Kelly Mason

FRESNO, Calif. - The Fresno State equestrian team competed against the University of Tennessee Martin Skyhawks Friday afternoon in the Skyhawk tournament. The match ended in a tie and when it came down to the raw score totals, UTM took the match with a total of 2359.25 to the Bulldogs 2352.25.

The Bulldogs came out strong sweeping UTM in Equitation over Fences, 4-0. Senior Kimberly HewsonBudnik picked up the highest score of the event with a 167, a combined score from two judges. Bulldogs Belle Calkin (158), Hillary West (155) and Dayle Fischer (149) each earned their points as well.

In Equitation on the Flat, the Bulldogs tied UTM, 2-2, but won in the raw score total 602-580. HewsonBudnik picked up her second point of the day scoring a 156 and sophomore Macy Wilson earned her point as well scoring a 161 on the Flat.

In the Western events, the Bulldogs fell to UTM, 6-2. In Horsemanship, Kirsten McKillop was the only Bulldog to earn her point scoring a 149. In Reining, Sydney Coletti scored a point for Fresno State with the score of 139.

The tournament competition will continue tomorrow morning as the Bulldogs face New Mexico State for the second time this month.

Fresno State vs. UTM Scores

Equitation on the Flat
Dayle Fischer 145 falls to Hunter Ralston 156
Lanie Madrazo 140 falls to Mykaela VanSelus 157
Kimberly HewsonBudnik 156 def. Reid Rickett 136
Macy Wilson 161 def. Kara Bergenty 131



Equitation over Fences
Belle Calkin 158 def. Nora Wilson 155
Hillary West 155 def. Kara Bergenty 136
Dayle Fischer 149 def. Katie Miranda 125
Kimberly HewsonBudnik 167 def. Reid Rickett 157

Christa Beezley 129.5 falls to Amy Guenther 147
Kirsten McKillop 149 def. Michelle Chulock 144
Shauna Woodward 132 falls to Candice Fulcher 146.5
Lauren Crivelli 138 falls to Kathryn Gorsuch 144.5

Lauren Crivelli 131 falls to Michelle Chulock 140
Sydney Coletti 139 def. Candic Fulcher 126
Ciara Kozlowski 138.5 falls to Megan Marie Foley 142.5
Kirsten McKillop 131.5 falls to Amy Guenther 132.

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