'Dogs Battle No. 2 Tigers
    Junior Nicole Roworth won her point in the Equitation on the Flat with a score of 78.
    Junior Nicole Roworth won her point in the Equitation on the Flat with a score of 78.

    Oct. 9, 2010

    FRESNO, Calif. - The Fresno State Equestrian team rode in their second match of the weekend today against the No. 2 Auburn Tigers. The `Dogs fell to the defending champions with a final score of 11-5. The English team finished the day with three points and the Western team won two.

    The battle started in the Equitation over Fences competition where juniors Jessica Kissell and Kimberly Hewson Budnik both took their points with impressive scores of 84. Senior Holly Elsbernd tied her opponent with a 78.

    Junior Nicole Roworth fought for her point in the Equitation on the Flat beating her opponent with a 78. Junior Kimberly Steinbuch tied her opponent in the court with a score of 74. The rest of the Bulldogs who competed in the Equitation on the Flat all earned positive scores in the 70's.

    Junior Sammi Jo Stone led the Western Horsemanship and earned a point for the Bulldogs with a score of 72.5. Freshman Rio Haack continued to show her talent and tied Auburn opponent Bailey Dymond with a score of 72. The rest of the Bulldog Horsemanship ladies all achieved positive scores of 70 or above.

    Senior Captain Jillian Tebbe fought for the other Western point in the reining competition and won her match with her best score of the season, a 73.5. Sophomore Sydney Coletti, who earned MVP honors yesterday, tied her opponent with a score of 70.

    Equitation Over Fences

    Holly Elsbernd (78) tied Grace Cocha (78)



    *Maggie McAlary (86) defeated Dayle Fischer (60).

    Jessica Kissell (84) defeated Ali Loprete (80)

    Jennifer Waxman (81) defeated Chelsie Stone (74)

    Kimberly Hewson Budnik (84) defeated Dottie Grub (65)

    Equitation On The Flat

    Kimberly Steinbuch (74) tied Bailey Kleiss (74)

    Dottie Grub (78) defeated Lauren Carr (72)

    Piper Donnelly (72) defeated Caitlin Marshall (71)

    Nicole Roworth (78) defeated Alie Loprete (72)

    *Lindsay Portela (85) defeated Kimberly Hewson Budnik (79)


    Chelsea Zillner (72.5) defeated Kelsi Fischer (71.5)

    *Indy Roper (73.5) defeated Madison Silver (71)

    Sammi Jo Stone (72.5) defeated Kristen Hansen (72)

    Rio Haack (72.5) tied Bailey Dymond (72.5)

    Stephanie Rucci (72.5) defeated Christa Beezley (70)


    Kristen Hansen (75) defeated Sonja Koch (74)

    Jillian Tebbe (73.5) defeated Cassandra Stambuk (72)

    Sydney Coletti (70) tied Stephanie Rucci (70)

    *Paige Monfore (71.5) defeated Shawna McClurg (68)

    Indy Roper (71) defeated Whitney Kittle (69)

    The Bulldogs will return to action on Saturday, October 23, at the Student Horse Center where they will take on New Mexico State. Admission is free.

    "We Are Your Team!" -- For more information on the Fresno State equestrian team, continue visiting www.gobulldogs.com.

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