Bulldogs Fall To SMU In Season Opener
Sophomore Macy Wilson scored a team-high 87 on Equitation on the Flat earning a point for the Bulldogs.
Sophomore Macy Wilson scored a team-high 87 on Equitation on the Flat earning a point for the Bulldogs.

Nov. 8, 2012

By Kelly Mason


FRESNO, Calif. --- The Fresno State equestrian team opened their regular season Thursday morning at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas as they fell to the Mustangs 9-3 in an English only event.

"The girls rode really well today," said head coach Collins Daye. "We had some really strong rides and sometimes we won our points and sometimes we just didn't, but I'm proud of how the girls showed today."

The action started in the arena with Equitation over Fences where the Bulldogs had two riders earn a point. Dayle Fischer scored a 73 on Landy defeating her opponent's score of 71 earning the Bulldogs first point. Belle Calkin scored a team-high Fences score of 81 defeating her opponent who scored a 62 on Teddy.

"Belle came out and rode a very consistent trip in Fences and did a good job earning her point," said Daye. "We need to be more consistent over Fences and we are looking to work on that this Friday and Saturday."

In Equitation on the flat six Bulldogs competed: Hillary West (68), Amanda Postel (70), Lisa Beach (40), Kara Spicer (78) along with Fischer and Calkin. Overall the SMU Mustangs defeated the 'Dogs 4-2 as they headed into Equitation on the Flat.

Sophomore Macy Wilson, 2012 NCEA All-American, scored an 87 on Dinero which was the team-high score for the day. Wilson defeated her opponent who earned an 84, giving Fresno State its only point in Equitation on the Flat.



Other Bulldogs who competed on the Flat included: Marisa Mohn (60), Lanie Madrazo (84), Hannah Flammang (73), Lauren Carr (77), Kimberly HewsonBudnik (70).

"On the Flat we expected Macy to get her point and she did, she had a really good ride," said Daye. "Lanie missed her point, but she rode a really fantastic ride as well."

The Bulldogs (0-1) will compete at Baylor, tomorrow Friday, Nov. 9, and at Texas A&M on Saturday, Nov. 10 before returning home.

"We are going to go in tomorrow with the same mentality as we did today and we will ride another day," said Daye.

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