'Dogs Show Well At Scrimmage
Sophomore Hillary West picked up two MVP honors at the Red vs. Blue team scrimmage.
Sophomore Hillary West picked up two MVP honors at the Red vs. Blue team scrimmage.

Jan. 28, 2012

FRESNO, Calif. - Amongst a beautiful sunrise and gorgeous weather the equestrian team kicked off the year with a Red vs. Blue team scrimmage at the Fresno State Student Horse Center. The scrimmage ended in a tie (11-11) with the Blue team taking the Hunter Seat events (7-3) and the Red team taking the Western events (8-4).

"I thought today was a great showing for our ladies," said Western head coach Stephanie Reeves. "We had many great rides and it was a good time for everyone to put into action what we have been working on in practice. The performances we saw today make me excited for the remainder of our season."

The morning started off with Equitation over Fences where the Blue team defeated the Red team 3-1. Sophomore Hillary West received the MVP honor for the event scoring a scrimmage-high score of 83. Kimberly HewsonBudnik (81) and Kara Spicer (70) also won their points for the Blue team, with Chelsie Stone (75) earning the only win for the Red team.

The Reining event took place in the Pavilion and ended in a tie between the Red and Blue team. Sydney Coletti (72) earned an MVP honor for her solid performance with horse Summer. Lauren Crivelli (69) and Mercedes Antonini (66.5) each earned wins for the Blue team, with Brigid O'Leary (69), Christa Beezley (69) and Shawna McClurg (69.5) earning wins for the Red team.



Hillary West picked up her second MVP honor of the day in Equitation on the Flat scoring a 75 as the Blue team defeated the Red team 4-2. Blue team wins came from Tylinda Arthur (67), Tara Polkalba (62) and Kimberly HewsonBudnik (68). Holly Elsbernd (74) and Kimberly Steinbuch (73) scored the two points for the Red team.

Katelyn Haynes was the MVP in Horsemanship with a score of 75 as the Red team took the Western event 5-1. Beezley scored her second point of the day in the event with a high score of 72.5. Also picking up wins for the Red team were Allie Warkentin (72.5), Shauna Woodward (73) and Bryn Boyett (70.5).

"Today was a real example of the talent on our team, we rode against each other to use the opportunity of competition to work on and demonstrate specific skills," said Hunter Seat head coach Julia Scrivani. "We worked on our individual strenths and weaknesses to become stronger as a team. Riding against each other on team horses can create the best challenge."

The Bulldogs had a very successful scrimmage and will use the competition practice to prepare for their next home event, the annual Best in the West Invitational that will be held on February 18-19, 2012 at the Fresno State Student Horse Center.

Final Results (Blue team listed first)

Equitation on the Flat (Blue 4, Red 2)
MVP: Hillary West (75)

Tylinda Arthur (67) defeated Lisa Beach (61)
Tara Polkalba (62) defeated Allison Mackey (61)
Kimberly HewsonBudnik (68) defeated Marisa Mohn (63)
Hillary West (75) defeated Lanie Madrazo (61)
Lauren Carr (69) fell to Holly Elsbernd (74)
Hannah Flammang (68) fell to Kimberly Steinbuch (73)
Macy Wilson (71) tied Nicole Roworth (71)

Equitation Over Fences (Blue 3, Red 1)
MVP: Hillary West (83)
Hillary West (83) defeated Belle Calkin (40)
Kimberly HewsonBudnik (81) defeated Holly Elsbernd (79)
Kara Spicer (70) defeated Dayle Fischer (68)
Amanda Postel (74.5) fell to Chelsie Stone (75)

Horsemanship (Red 5, Blue 1)
MVP: Katelyn Haynes (75)
Sophia Harik (61) fell to Allie Warkentin (72.5)
Sammie Jo Stone (72.5) defeated Linne' Beason (68)
Rio Haack (71.5) fell to Christa Beezley (72.5)
Lauren Crivelli (70.5) fell to Shauna Woodward (73)
Whitney Kittle (68) fell to Bryn Boyett (70.5)
Kirsten McKillop (72.5) fell to Katelyn Haynes (75)
Reining (Red 3, Blue 3)
MVP: Sydney Coletti (72)
Lauren Crivelli (69) defeated Sonya Koch (68)
Mercedes Antonini (66.5) defeated Carolyn Carter (62)
Whitney Kittle (66.5) fell to Brigid O'Leary (69)
Sydney Coletti (72) defeated Ciara Kozlowski (70.5)
Kirsten McKillop (68) fell to Christa Beezley (69)
Amanda Lawrence (67) fell to Shawna McClurg (69.5)

"We Are Your Team!" - The Fresno State equestrian team will host its next home competition Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19 which will be the Best in the West Invitational.

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