Macy Wilson Named Sysco Student-Athlete of the Week

    Feb. 4, 2013


    Macy Wilson

    Chico, Calif.

    Sophomore English rider Macy Wilson went two for two in her match-ups last Friday in the equestrian double header versus No. 2 Auburn and No. 6 Kansas State. In the morning match against Auburn, Wilson earned her first Most Outstanding Player award of the season for her competitive ride in Equitation on the Flat. She scored a 75 defeating her Auburn opponent by 20 points. In the afternoon match against Kansas State, Wilson won her point again on the Flat with a score of 77.

    Other Nominees:
    Alex Madsen - Women's Swimming and Diving
    Anne Susdorf - Women's Tennis
    Reid deLaubenfels - Men's Tennis
    Ki-Ki Moore - Women's Basketball
    Kevin Olekaibe - Men's Basketball
    Breeauna Thompson - Women's Track and Field

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