Zwaschka Inks 11 in 2014 Signing Class

July 16, 2014

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno State head soccer coach and reigning Mountain West Coach of the year Brian Zwaschka announced Tuesday morning that he will be welcoming 11 newcomers to the team for the fall 2014 season. Eleven true freshmen signed National Letters of Intent to attend school and play for the Bulldogs starting in 2014.

Domenique Banta

"We never recruit quantity over quality of course, but we feel this class gives us both," said Zwaschka. "Across the board there are so many defining performance qualities that these ambitious young ladies bring to our program that we can't wait to get them integrated. Speed, athleticism, technical ability, game sense, work rate, and winning spirit are highlights of this class."

The incoming class will join 11 returners on the field from last year's squad that finished last season in second place in the MW.

"We will have to rely heavily on these new Bulldogs to make an impact early in their careers because they will make up literally half of our squad and they all know that if they are ready they will get their chance," Zwaschka said. "Our returners are excited to have our incoming class join us soon and I feel there is already a common focus amongst both groups. We had massive contributions from a very small freshman class in 2013 and we are confident we can get a similar level out of this exceptional group."

All but one member of the recruiting class is from California, three from right here in the Valley, three from the Bay Area, three from Southern California and one from Sacramento.

"We are fully aware of the fact that this squad is going to be very young, but we also made sure to recruit personalities who could bond together to accept that challenge and display the maturity that it takes to compete at the next level regardless of age," says Zwaschka. "We are definitely looking forward to these exciting additions to our program in a very special time in our history."

Carly Bracken

#72 • Domenique Banta • Meridian High School • Meridian, Idaho

Banta on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because I loved the coaching staff and style and how friendly and bonded the team seemed to me. I've always dreamed of playing at the Division I level. I look forward to getting to know all my new teammates who share the same passion for soccer that I do."

#25 • Carly Bracken • Granada Hills High School • Granada Hills, Calif.

Bracken on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because I really liked the coach, loved the campus and I felt like it was the right fit where I could grow athletically and academically. I most look forward to getting to know and playing with my future teammates."

Julia Campos

#18 • Julia Campos • Orosi High School • Dinuba, Calif.

Campos on becoming a Bulldog- "From the beginning I've always wanted to play for a Division I college. Coach Zwaschka has a great reputation, I will definitely learn a lot from him. Location wise it was ideal because I wanted to stay close to my family. I look forward to getting on the field, being with my teammates and representing the red and blue as hard as I can."

Sara Jo Ciapponi

#23 • Sara Jo Ciapponi • Alameda High School• Alameda, Calif.

Ciapponi on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because I love the athletic facilities and the great academic support the student-athletes receive. Family is very important to me, so I wanted a school that was close enough to home, so my family members could come and support the team. I wanted to go to a school that had a strong community support of all sports and I found that in Fresno State. I am most looking forward to playing with a new group of girls on a really strong and competitive team. Also, I'm excited about being coached by coach Zwaschka and the new assistant coaches, so they can help me become a better player entering the next level. Fresno State is the perfect fit for me."

Peyton Cline

#16 • Peyton Cline • El Camino Real Charter High School • Woodland Hills, Calif.

Cline on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because I was interested in their kinesiology program and fell in love with the campus right away. I also was very interested in playing soccer at a Division I school and coach Zwaschka is the kind of coach I am looking for to help make me the best soccer player and person I can be. After meeting the coaches and the team, I knew I could fit in well at Fresno State. I look forward to getting an amazing college experience where I get to play the game that I love with teammates that will become my lifelong friends, as well as getting a great education that will help me in the future."

Myra Delgadillo

#11 • Myra Delgadillo • James Logan High School • Union City, Calif.

Delgadillo on becoming a Bulldog- "Fresno State is my choice because I have the opportunity to play for a coach that believes in me and will help me be the player I want to be. This is a blessing. Fresno State has a great athletics department as well as academics where I will stride to do all that I can and become something of my choice. I look forward to playing soccer, winning, getting my education while enjoying every moment."

Kacey Dunn

#9 • Kacy Dunn • Clovis North High School • Fresno, Calif.

Dunn on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because of the educational and athletic atmosphere. Growing up, the idea of moving away for college had always sounded exciting, but I soon realized that I did not want to be far from home. I have played for Brian before with a couple of my club games, and having the opportunity to be coached by him was a great experience. A couple of my teammates from the past are going to playing at Fresno State too, and that played a role into my decision. I intended on majoring in kinesiology, and Fresno State has a great program. Knowing that I am close to my family and being able to be a part of the soccer program as a whole is what really drew me to Fresno State. I look forward to competing at the Division I level and living out my dream of playing collegiate soccer. I also look forward to meeting new teammates who I will soon call my "family", and experience a whole different chapter of my life. Though I will face many challenges along the way, I know I will have coaches and teammates that will help me along the way. I cannot wait to represent the red and blue for the next four years."

Maria Gomez

#17 • Maria Gomez • Wallis Annenberg High School • Los Angeles, Calif.

Gomez on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because it's a good academic school and the athletics at Fresno are very successful. I also chose Fresno because of their commitment and support to Fresno State students. What I most look forward to is having the best college experience and I have a good feeling that I chose the perfect school. I also look forward to meeting my future teammates and making history at Fresno State."

Ashari Hines

#21 • Ashari Hines • Sheldon High School • Sacramento, Calif.

Hines on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because of the rich tradition, the great facilities, the team atmosphere and the wonderful coaching staff. I look forward to putting my jersey on for the first time and playing my first collegiate game as a Bulldog."

#15 • Alissa Pham • Live Oak High School • Morgan Hill, Calif.

Pham on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because I thought it was the perfect fit for me. It has a great nursing program and a beautiful campus. I really like Brian Zwaschka's coaching style and overall just can't wait to become a Bulldog. What I look forward to most is meeting all my new teammates. I'm excited to make new friends that I'll hopefully know and be able to spend my whole college life with. Plus being able to play soccer with them will make my college life that much better."

Alissa Pham

#20 • Miranda Rudolph • Buchannan High School • Fresno, Calif.

Rudolph on becoming a Bulldog- "I chose Fresno State because when I walked onto the campus for the very first time it felt like home. Academically, Fresno State has the all of the majors I am interested in for my future, and I felt like it was the perfect university to meet my needs. Having the chance to play at a Division I school is an absolute dream and the fact that I get to play at Fresno State next year is incredible. During the times I visited last year, I loved interacting with the team and the girls were nice and a lot of fun. I respect Coach Zwaschka's philosophy of coaching and instruction. I know he and the rest of the coaching staff will help me continue to grow as a player and improve my game. I knew early on that Fresno State was the place for me. The thing that I am most looking forward to is being a part of the team. I am excited to work hard, learn new skills to improve my game and do everything I can to help contribute to an already strong Fresno State team. To me, being a member of a team is very special, and I am so thankful to have that opportunity in college."

Miranda Rudolph

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