White Squad Wins Annual Scrimmage
    Janna Sadowitz scored the game-winning goal for the white squad.
    Janna Sadowitz scored the game-winning goal for the white squad.

    Aug. 11, 2010

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    FRESNO, Calif. - The white squad came away victorious at the second annual Red/White Scrimmage Tuesday night. The white squad outscored the red squad 2-1 in two 30 minute halves.

    "We were really excited that both teams battled," said head coach Brian Zwaschka. "I told them to make sure that they took care of their individual efforts and everybody did. I was telling the girls afterwards that this is a tricky scrimmage to coach because there were breakdowns, but that means there were really positive things that happened to take advantage of the situations and vice versa. So, we will be able to review video and look at both sides. And I think that we have a nice little video catalog of some positive things that we have been specifically working on that they achieved in this scrimmage."

    The white squad consisted of goalkeeper Chrissy Smith, Kendall VanDine, Bradlee DeShane, Janna Sadowitz, Nicole Duff, Katie Lee, Callie Hancock, Alex Jensen, Krissy Looney. Also on the white team were newcomers Kayla Kret, Tara Boynton, and Catherine Sordo.

    Boynton scored the first goal of the match for the white squad. VanDine crossed the ball to the far post and connected with Boynton, who hit the lower near corner.

    The red team evened out the score with a goal of their own late in the first half. Sophomore Vanessa Gonzalez crossed to Laura Dodd. Dodd attacked the goal and hit the far corner for the equalizer.

    In the second half of the match, Sadowitz scored the game-winning goal. Hancock took a shot on goal that was deflected back to Sadowitz' feet. Sadowitz took a shot on an open goal giving the white team the lead.

    "It was really encouraging to see the goals get scored and most of them were based on great effort," said Zwaschka. "That is stuff that we have been preaching and it is good to see that kind of stuff come to fruition because that helps the belief for the team."

    Smith recorded five saves and freshman Riley Fielder recorded three saves.

    Just like the 2009 season, Hancock led the game in shots with five. Claudia Cardenas also had five shots in the match. The white squad had a total of eight shots and the red squad finished the game with 14.

    Leading up to the scrimmage, the `Dogs have been practice two to three times a day preparing for the upcoming season. The Bulldogs have had 15 practices in a little over a week.

    "We know that they are sore and tired," said Zwaschka. "So our mentality switches from the sort of workout and teaching mode to a little bit more recovery and body management. Those are things that we have to find the right balance of. But, I think the group in general is a lot more mature over this last year and they are picking up the information a lot quicker. If I had to compare where we are at right now to preseason this time last year, we are distinctly further along, which is a really good feeling for us."

    The Bulldogs compete in their first exhibition game on Aug. 13 on the road against Cal at 1 p.m.

    "We Are Your Team" The Fresno State baseball team wraps up preseason camp with an exhibition game against Cal on Aug. 13 at 1 p.m. The Bulldogs kick off the season on Aug. 20 at Pepperdine and return home for their home opener on Aug. 23 against Long Beach State at 7 p.m.



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