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    Tuesday, October 26

    Now that our season is coming to an end, I have a chance to reflect back on what I've been through in these last three months.

    It's been a wild ride, definitely like nothing I've dealt with before. I feel like I have been through it all: preseason training, intense practices, long traveling trips, early-morning weights, conference games and also keeping up with classes.

    It can definitely be an overwhelming experience for a freshman. I know adjusting to the collegiate level was a challenge for me.

    Coming to Fresno State turned out to be just as demanding mentally and physically. The freshmen must come in ready to compete at any level. Since I was only familiar with club and high school soccer it was hard at first, but I eventually got the hang of how college soccer really works.

    There are times when I was so fatigued and the last sprint feels like it's going to kill you, but you find a way to get through it and keep going with your team. It's a huge adjustment from club and high school soccer. Of course club and high school were hard, but not nearly as demanding.

    Going from two or three practices a week to three-a-days in preseason was a huge shock. Soccer becomes your life, literally. You really need to have a desire to be there working as hard as you can. When the end of the day rolls around I know that I've done my personal best to be the strongest and best player I can be.

    Knowing that all ten freshmen and the upperclassmen will mesh together throughout the spring and into next season gives me high hopes for next year.

    Go Bulldogs!

    - Erica



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