NCAA Softball Region VI Press Conference Quotes

May 18, 2006

2006 NCAA Division I Softball Championship
Pre-Tournament Press Conference Quotes
May 19-21, 2006

  • Region 6
  • Bulldog Diamond
  • Fresno State

    Opening Remarks

  • Stanford Head Coach John Rittman
    "I'd like to thank everyone at Fresno State. I know hosting a regional can be very difficult. We've been here a couple times and it's a great place to be, a great stadium, great fans and we're really excited. As far as Stanford is concerned, we've had a great year. We've competed hard in a very tough conference (Pac-10). We took some bumps and bruises along the way but finished strong last weekend. We're looking to carry some of that momentum into postseason. We have a group of seniors who are very committed, are great leaders and great performers on the field as well. We're very excited about our postseason appearance and looking forward to the great competition."

  • CS Fullerton Head Coach Michelle Gromacki
    "I'd like to thank Fresno and congratulate the teams for getting here as well. As far as my team in concerned we had a very young team last year. The group came into its own this year. We played a competitive schedule prior to conference and took it to build upon and get ready for postseason play."

  • Fresno State Head Coach Margie Wright
    "We've hosted all these teams here before many times and we're happy have all of you here. We welcome everybody and congratulate everybody. We have a very young team this year and we've taken a lot of bumps and bruises early and maybe even some towards the end. But I think the team is playing well right now. We've overcome a lot of adversity this year, got some great leadership out of our seniors and freshmen. It's a whole team contribution, eight of our starting nine have 20 or more RBI and it's an indication of how evenly our team performed this year as far as different people coming through at different times. I've very proud of this team and I know they are ready to get started."

  • Tulsa Head Coach John Bargfeldt
    "This is our first appearance and obviously very elated and happy to break through that threshold of getting into the NCAA. I haven't been to Fresno before but I know some of the players have. I'm very proud of our team. I came into a complete new situation. They didn't know me and I didn't know much about them and we didn't know anything about our conference opponents. But we stuck together and went through the conference season with pretty much the target on our back the whole year. When it came time for the conference tournament I think that experience helped out and we ended up playing very well at the end of the season. We do have a good group of seniors that have been great leaders and a good mixture freshmen coming in and helping us out as well. We're elated to be here and know there are great opponents here and looking forward to the competition as well."

    On getting ready for the next level

  • Coach Rittman:
    There are a lot of factors that go into it. First and foremost, you have to play this game at a speed that you can execute. You have to have good pitching. You have to play good defense and you have to get the timely hits. The team that does that will win the regional and move on."

  • Coach Gromacki:
    I feel the same way with what John (Rittman) said. When you get to postseason a lot of people think there can be a lot of adverse situations that can effect a team. But you fight through it and don't allow that. You look to control the game."

  • Coach Wright:
    When you get to postseason, I think you have to be able to deal with the unexpected because of all these things. Different people rise to the occasion and have to be prepared for it and not be too focused on real specific things. You have to consistent in everything. The execution has to be there and be very consistent."

  • Coach Bargfeldt:
    A lot of players talk about being in the zone and how the game slows down and that's how I equate this with the team. You want to get in the position where you are relaxed enough and slow the game down. And, that goes along with what all the other coaches have said in not allowing the excitement from the moment to speed that game up. We try to have our players relaxed and say they've been here before (big games) and slow down and focus."


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