Trisha Ford Press Conference Quotes

June 18, 2012

Director of Athletics Thomas Boeh:
"We were well aware Fresno State is considered a very good job. When Coach Wright decided to retire, we knew that given the reputation, that this was perceived to be a very good job. We anticipated getting a lot of very highly qualified candidates in the pool and we were indeed fortunate to have a terrific pool from which we could select a group of finalists."

"We were looking for someone who first and foremost is about student-athletes. We take care of them athletically, academically, socially and that they go out and make us proud on and off the field. We were also looking for someone with a great track record of integrity which is very important to us here at Fresno State. Also, we looked for an expertise in the game of softball. Strong ties to California are important to us and a proven winner at the highest level."

"Well, we found everything that we wanted. We found a native Californian and an expert in softball who was a tremendous player herself. A person who has a great, great repot with student-athletes. She is a proven winner on an off the field and we have the right individual."

Trisha Ford:

Opening Coments...
"I am super excited to be here and move forward to get onto the field. I am excited to take what is built and move forward from there."

"I first and foremost would like to thank Coach Margie Wright for everything she has not only done for Fresno State but for the sport of softball. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her. It is important to give her recognition for everything she has done. It is important to build on what she has done."

"The most important piece is getting involved in the community and going out and making sure the Valley is served by the student-athletes. We want to get into the community and do some hard work."



"Some of the reasons why I wanted to come to Fresno State is because there is great opportunity here. You have a solid fan base with great community support, phenomenal facilities, if not the best on the west coast, and you have some great athletes that come from the Valley."

"I am confident we are going to make some noise in the Mountain West next year."

Any apprehension on following up a legend?
"I am not trying to fill Margie's shoes but continue what she has built here and add my strengths to it and move forward."

What do you see as your number one objective to get this program back to the College World Series?
"My number one objective is to teach from the base up. We are going back to fundamentals and teach the basics of the game."

Talk about recruiting. What needs do you see?
"Some of the needs are pitching, which you are always looking for. Also, you have to recruit athletes to fill in anywhere. The other thing is to recruit good people who are proud to wear the Fresno State uniform." "Recruiting is about relationships and I pride myself in being a people-person. I am going to hit the ground and recruit, recruit, recruit."

"Most importantly, you can win here and I wouldn't be here today if I didn't think I could win. All the pieces are here for me to win."

Did you talk to the players beforehand?
"I was able to talk to several players before the press conference and I ensured them they are going to have a great experience that they've had in the past and that we are going to work hard and couldn't wait to hit the field. We are ready to go to work. I told them I am most comfortable on the field."

Talk about how you are going to embrace the alumni.
"I have had the fortune to communicate with a couple Fresno State Alums. I am definitely going to draw upon them and tap into those resources."

What are your goals?
"I am hoping to play for a national championship this year. I think we have a great chance to make a run at the conference championship and head into the regionals. That is something I foresee in the near future."

What is your philosophy with pitching?
"Pitching is a need I see. With pitching, it depends on your staff. If you have a horse, then you can ride that horse. If not, it is important to have a strategic attack to win some ballgames."

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