Fresno State Wins Fourth Straight WAC Title

    April 25, 2005


    The Fresno State women's tennis team with the WAC Tournament trophy.

    Lucia Sainz (left) and Courtney Jantz with their first-team All-WAC doubles plaques.

    Lucia Sainz with her first-team All-WAC singles plaque.

    Katharina Winterhalter, who clinched Fresno State's win over Rice in the title match, holds her first-team All-WAC plaque.

    Head coach Simon Thibodeau (right) and assistant coach Simone Jardim with the WAC Tournament trophy. The coaches have worked together two years, winning the WAC title in both.

    The Fresno State women's team poses with the WAC Tournament title with the men's team.

    A view from outside the UH Tennis Complex, which houses 12 courts and crowned as champions the Boise State men and Fresno State women.

    A view of the results area at the UH Tennis Complex. Derek Inouchi of Hawaii Media Relations kept the board incredibly current during the event.

    A view of the top doubles court at the UH Tennis Complex during the men's title match between Boise State and Rice.

    A view from the top of the parking structure adjacent to the UH Tennis Complex. The facility was completed in November 2004 and played host to Hawaii's first WAC Tennis Tournament since 1984.

    Fans watch Fresno State take on Rice in the women's championship match on April 23.



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