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Woodward Park

Woodward Park

Scenic Woodward Park, located in north Fresno, has played host to 14 NCAA Regional Cross Country Championships since the tournament's inaugural year of 1968. The park most recently hosted the 2004 NCAA Western Region Championship and the 2006 WAC Championships.

For the past three decades, the park has not only been utilized as the base for all of Fresno State's home meets, but has quickly become one of the most well-traveled cross country courses in the state. Woodward Park has hosted more major cross country competitions than any other site on the West Coast, including high school and junior college championship meets.

A mild rolling terrain, Woodward's course is 30 percent asphalt and 70 percent grass and dirt trails. The park runs several courses of varying lengths, including four, five, eight and 10-mile courses. All of the courses cover the same area and repeat many of the same miles, with the first mile identical for all courses.

At all levels, Woodward Park has become an important developmental cross country course. The courses have remained the same through the years, allowing for consistent times and records.